New reading group on Mathematics for AI

UNRAVEL researchers Anna Shalova and Jim Portegies started a new department wide reading group in the TU/e department CASA. The aim of the reading group is to join forces in the literature study on the general topic of Mathematics for AI.

The group meets every other Friday for 1.5 hours to discuss one or more articles. During the first meeting, last Friday, already more than 15 people joined. While the first meeting still was online, the goal is to have these meeting in person as soon as possible.

Workshop in the Lorentz Center

In the first week of November 2021 a workshop in the Lorentz Center in Leiden will be organized, partly by members of the UNRAVEL project. The workshop will cover the topic of Mathematics in Machine Learning together with many invited international guests, that are well known in their respective fields.

First in person UNRAVEL meeting

On the 1st of July the UNRAVEL project will have its first in person meeting.

It will take place at the Academisch Genootschap Eindhoven and there will be invited talks by Remco Duits, Dick den Hertog and Lars Ruthotto.