UNRAVEL is divided into six subprojects. Four of these subprojects are situated at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), one at Leiden University (LEI) and one at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI). For each subproject one PhD candidate has been appointed and is supervised by a lead reasearcher.

Subproject 1: Towards interpretable machine-learning models by extracting interpretable latent variables (TU/e)

PhD candidate: Mahefa Ravelonanosy
Lead researcher: Jim Portegies

Subproject 2: Mimetic and hierarchical neural networks (TU/e)

PhD candidate: Philipp Horn
Lead researcher: Barry Koren

Subproject 3: Dynamic neural networks and their relation to state-space methods (TU/e)

PhD candidate: Anna Shalova
Lead researcher: Wil Schilders

Subproject 4: Energy-consistent neural network closure models for fluid flow problems (CWI)

PhD candidate: Toby van Gastelen
Lead researcher: Benjamin Sanderse

Subproject 5: Machine learning for analysis and control of complex fluid flows (TU/e)

PhD candidate: Giulio Ortali
Lead researcher: Federico Toschi

Subproject 6: Neural networks for N-body simulations (LEI)

PhD candidate: Veronica Saz Ulibarrena
Lead researcher: Simon Portegies Zwart